Term Two Clubs

CLUBS PROGRAM: For four sessions in Term Two and another four in Term Four, all students are involved in one of 22 activities. Most of these CLUBS are for students of various grade levels. Students thoroughly enjoy these experiences. Here are some of their comments :

Photography with Mrs Casey: In photography, we take photographs of things around the school with a camera. We can then use special effects to make the photo look more interesting. Jacob R Dodgeball with Mrs Hargave: We play Dodgeball in the gym and we have lots of fun. Jaxson H In dodgeball, we play with the normal rules and sometimes we play other ball games. Natalie C
Golf with Mr Hildebrand: We get to walk down to the Goonawarra Golf Course. Carol teaches us golf skills using different golf clubs. Next week we are going on the fairways. Jordan V.
Sketching/ Drawing with Miss LoBosco: I have been sketching Pokemon characters in the sketching club. I look forward to clubs every week. James S
Gardening with Mrs Hughes: In the gardening club, we have planted many vegetable seeds, such as tomatoes and carrots. We check the plants during the week and then they are watered. Amber C
ICT with Mr Fitzclarence: In ICT we have been doing fun activities that teach us all about the keyboard and the computer. Levi I.
Go Noodle with Miss Worledge: In the Go Noodle club we do dances and movement to help us improve our mindfulness. Alma S
Amazing Race with Mrs Williams: There are boxes hidden around the school. We get a ‘clue card’ to find the box. In each box, there is a challenge to complete. Georgia G & Kalea B.
Calm colouring with Miss Dwyer: You get to colour in while listening to music. It is really nice. Max C Board games with Miss Minns: You can bring your own board games. My favourite game is a stacking game. Xabrina H
Cooking with Miss Coakley: Last week we cooked little teddy bears in cars. Lewis M
Just Dance with Mrs Pace: We do cool dances and sometimes we dance Go Noodle. Tahnee M
STEM: We made a marble maize and I had lots of fun. Bailey C YOGA: In yoga, we did a lot of relaxing exercises. Elektra M
JUST DANCE: We copy the moves from the screen and do the dance moves. Jhett M
CARD-MAKING: Hello, our names are Summer and Taneisha. . The teacher running our club is Ms Kelly. This week we are making Mother’s Day cards for this coming Sunday. We always have a fun time listening to music and having lots of laughs and giggles. We love our club because it gives us a break from school work and lets us have a good time.