House Captains

House Captains are elected by the children in their House after giving a speech about what they can offer their House. All children in grade 3-6 vote for their House Captains. This year we have 2 House Captains and 1-2 Vice Captains selected for each House.


House Captains have a lot of responsibilities throughout the whole year. Some of these are listed below.


  • Assisting with the running of House sports and Interschool sports.
  • Making a speech if their House wins the sports.
  • Collecting classroom House points each week and announcing the 
    winner of each week’s competition at Assembly each Friday.
  • Doing yard duty on one lunchtime each week when their House members 
    pick up papers.
  • Assisting teachers in lots of different ways both inside classrooms and in the playground.


House Captains have a very important role in our school.