Principal's Message

I would like to welcome you to Goonawarra Primary School. GPS is a happy, safe and inclusive school. We are on a continuous journey to discover and inquire into the evidence based practise. Where all students can learn and make academic and social growth.


The school is dedicated to empowering students with the core values that will assist them in developing the attributes of being a responsible and respectful citizen. At Goonawarra we aim to be Generous, Responsible, Enthusiastic, Ambitious and Trustworthy.


Our learning spaces are flexible, engaging and most of all inviting. The classrooms are positive and safe environments which are the foundation for the learning to ignite. Student voice and student agency are active throughout the school with various leadership opportunities for all of our students. We endorse students to develop ideas and take action.


The school has a strong commitment to providing a curriculum which is both supportive of the needs of individual student. We will also challenge and provide support so that they can achieve their best.


All teachers are active members of a Professional Learning Community. Teachers collaborate and inquire into best practise based on research. All teams improve their practise through recurring improvement cycles where they diagnose student learning needs, plan high quality learning task, implement effective strategies and evaluate teacher impact. We aim to ensure that the learning at GPS is engaging significant and relevant.


Ongoing Feedback is given to each student, feedback given celebrates and acknowledges the learning and guides students to the next learning phase. At GPS the learning is visible, the learning experiences guide and empower our students to think and act.


We make a commitment to know every child and develop and implement evidence based strategies that allow our students to attain the skill, understanding or knowledge.



Dolores Giordimaina



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