Junior School


Junior School Team 2018


Prep A        Mrs Sue Conn (Room 12) 


Prep B        Miss Tahlia Dwyer (Room 1) 


Prep C        Miss Stephanie Ireland (Room 2) 


Grade 1A    Miss Lori Nichols (Room 3) 


Grade 1B    Miss Breanna Thomas (Room 4)


Grade 1C    Mrs Sandi Cassinides (3 days) & Mrs Lauren Milligan (2 days) (Room 9)


Grade 2A    Miss Simone Casey (Room 6)  


Grade 2B    Miss Stephanie Coakley (Room 7)


Grade 2C    Miss Madi Minns (Room 8) 



2017 Information

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Better Buddies Program 2016

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Prep - 2  Information for Parents

Preps Celebrate 100 Days of Prep

On Monday, 25th July our Preps celebrated 100 Days of Prep.  The day began with the Preps celebrating with parents, staff and all other students by performing a song at our school assembly. Parents, Grand Parents and guests were then invited back to the prep classrooms to participate in other activities and celebrations. A huge thank you to one of our family members for arranging an enormous jumping castle and slide for the Preps.  They all had an absolute ball!


Italy Comes To Goonawarra!

On Tuesday 17th May the Prep – 2 students were entertained by Fillipo who took them on an Italian adventure through song and dance. They all enjoyed listening to his stories, learning about his instruments and dancing to his songs. A big thankyou to Mrs Hornby for organizing this visit.


Easter Hat Parade

On Thursday 24th March, our Preps - Grade 2 had a magical time showing off their wonderful Easter Hat creations to their parents, grandparents, and friends.  Each class had the opportunity to parade around the gym, then perform a class Easter song.  Family and friends also had the opportunity to participate with the students in a group performance of the "Birdie Dance".

There was even a surprise visit from Easter Bunny himself to all the classrooms, where he left a wonderful treat for all the students in their Easter baskets.


Celebration Day - Positive Start Up Program

On Thursday, 4th February we all celebrated the unit of work undertaken in classes which has focused on the core values of the school – Generous, Responsible, Enthusiastic, Ambitious & Trustworthy. (G.R.E.A.T.) All students participated in many varied outdoor activities. Chalk drawings of the Care Values were very popular. Thankyou to the many parents who came to the event and then enjoyed morning tea with their children.