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Middle School Team 2018



Grade 3/4A         Miss Amber Parmley (Room 14)       

Grade 3/4B         Mr Gerald Bronchinetti (Room 17)

Grade 3/4C         Miss Sam Bonello Condon (Room 16)     

Grade 3/4D         Miss Jessica Dunn (Room 18) 

Grade 3/4E         Miss Rhiannon LoBosco (Room 19)


2017 Information        


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Grade 3 & 4 Information for Parents
Term 3 has been an exciting one in the 3/4 area so far this term. Science has been our focus and we have been learning all about solids, liquids and gases. We've been conducting fun science experiments with melting ice and chocolate! We're all looking forward to our Hands On Science incursion next week!
St. John First Aid Schools Program.
3/4 students participated in the St. John First Aid Schools Program on Tuesday 15 August to learn first aid for when someone is sick or injured. Robyn was our instructor.
We learned about the St. John Action Plan DRSABCD (say "Doctors ABCD") that we should remember in an emergency. It helps us to know what to do.
We practised putting someone into the recovery position. It is very helpful in an emergency and really easy to do. It could save somebody's life.
We got an EMERGENCY CARD to fill in with the details needed if we ever had to ring 000. We need to keep it in a visible place at home.
It was a fantastic session and we learned many important things.


2016 Information 

Grade 3/4 Camp Arabri
 On Monday, 10th October to Wednesday, 15th October the Grade 3 & 4's attended a camp at Arrabri Lodge. The camp site is nestled in the beautiful Yarra Ranges in Warburton close to the foot hills of Mt Donna Buang. With tall gum trees, rain forest areas, the flowing Yarra River, abundant native bird life and undulating hills.  
There were no televisions, computers, ipads, mobiles, texting, Facebook, instagram, game stations, movies, DVDs, CDs that students were able to access. They went ‘cold turkey’ from technology for three days! And guess what? They all survived and had an excellent time. Technology was replaced with rope courses, climbing walls, sensory trails, damper making (and eating!), donkey patting, snake holding!, orienteering, trampolining, playing mini golf on an 18 hole course, flying through the air on a flying fox, free falling on a giant rope swing, bush dancing, toasting marshmallows and much much more! So learning was very evident, for three whole days, just in a different format than usual and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves! I would like to highly commend ALL the students for their wonderful attitude, teamwork, determination and manners all through the time away. The staff based at the camp made constant references to these fine qualities exhibited by our students – your children. Our school staff that attended for three full days (and two nights!) were all extremely dedicated and committed to providing the students with many and varied experiences in a safe and caring manner. The three parents who attended the camp were of immense help and support. They joined in all the activities and assisted at every opportunity.

2015 Information

As part of the middle schools integrated topic students participated in a hands on incursion focussing on the exploration of Earth and Space. Students worked on experiments to investigate the relationship between the Earth, moon and sun and changes caused by the movement of the Earth and moon including seasons and eclipses. 

Here is what some students had to say

"It was interesting because there were new things that I learnt". Madeline, 3D.

"I liked the experiment about the seasons because I found out how they change". Daniella, 3D.

"I liked how we got to learn new things about Earth and Space". Erin, 3D.

"It was really interesting how some of the experiments worked". Monique, 3D.

"The experiments were fun because I liked what they taught us". Serena, 3D.

"I liked learning about the Earths atmosphere". Jasmine B, 3D.


Students in the middle school had a wonderful time on scarf day! Children brought in a scarf to not only keep them warm during these cold winter months but to use for a range of maths, art and science based activities. Who knew you could learn and have so much fun with scarves!
During term two, the students focused on learning various ‘social skills’. Throughout our integrated lessons, students participated in fantastic role play activities, thoughtful and engaging discussions and many valuable activities that were associated with topic. Some of the sub topics that were covered during the term were:
-working cooperatively
-showing tolerance
-accepting differences
-types of non-verbal communication
-appropriate personal space
-dealing with conflict
-sharing feelings
Through participation in this topic, students were provided with a new insight into appropriate social etiquette and productive ways to deal with conflict.
Students thoroughly enjoyed the topic and were excited to participate in all of the learning activities.
The H Team Incursion 
In Term 2 the middle school students are excited about our upcoming incursion ‘The H Team’. The performance on Monday June 15th will support our social skills program this term. It focuses on bullying and developing social skills that help to build positive behaviours. We all cannot wait to see the show!


During semester one, students in grades three and four having been learning about the history of Sunbury and various social skills.
Throughout term one, students were encouraged to actively research using the internet, using questions that they had created about Sunbury as a basis for their research. Students learnt about various historical landmarks around Sunbury, as well as historical events that took place. Children learnt about the location of Sunbury in Victoria, Emubottom Homestead, the Ashes and more.

Kids Tennis Foundation
Throughout the year middle school students have been fortunate enough to have tennis lessons where they have been developing and improving their skills through fun, whole group games. Here are some write ups from students in grade 3D.
Over the past weeks we have had a man called Matt come to our school to teach us some tennis skills. A couple of them were forehand, backhand and serve. The game that I liked the most was tennis cricket. We all loved it!
Eden, Grade 3D.
Every Tuesday we have been going to the gym to learn tennis. We have a great coach called Matt. Matt teaches us something different each week like forehand, backhand and serving. We all think that he has done a wonderful job because we have improved so much. At the beginning not everyone was into tennis, but Matt has made all of our minds change. We have all had fun playing tennis. Thank you Matt for coaching us.
Oscar, Grade 3D.
House Athletics
On Wednesday, 4 March the Grade 3 – 6 students had a fun day at the House Athletic Sports at Boardman Reserve. Successful students will go on to represent the school at the Interschool Athletic Sports, also at Boardman Reserve. Thank you to the staff and parents who assisted with the setup, running events and packing up at the end of the event. A great team effort!