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Grade 5A        Mr Ewen Hilderbrand (Room 13)


Grade 5B        Ms Marita Ryan (Room 20)


Grade 5C        Miss Kellie Trevaskis (Room 21)


Grade 6A        Mrs Amy Hughes (3 days) & Mrs Carey (2 days) (Room 10)


Grade 6B        Ms Kathleen Kelly (Room 11)




2017 Information



Grade 5 STEM


Grade five STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) classes provide hands on learning opportunities for the students to develop their knowledge and skills in these areas. This week we focussed on light reflection, absorption and refraction. These sessions promote the student’s critical thinking and problem solving skills.




This week in STEM we were finding out about white light and how it is made up of all the other colours. White light has all the colours in the spectrum and black light is the absence of colour. We made spinners with primary and secondary colours and as they were spinning they looked like rainbows, then they turned white. This happened because the colours blended together and the paper appeared to be white. Our eyes cannot keep up with the separate colours so we can only see a combination of all the colours... white.


In STEM we made some awesome spinners that if you spin purple, blue, orange, green, yellow and red together really fast you make a white swirl. It took a while to get the hang of spinning it. It was a lot of fun and it had a cool reaction. (Melissa & Cara 5K)


In STEM we learnt about white light. It is made up from the colours of the rainbow. If you have a red apple, it absorbs all the colours of the rainbow except red. I liked making the rainbow wheel after we learned about white light. (Monique C 5R) 



2016 Information.

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Better Buddies Program


Grade 5/6 Personal Projects


During Term 2 our grade 5/6 students completed a 4 week project of their choice. There were a variety of topics covered and models and posters were just some of the items included.  Once the projects were completed, an evening was organised where the students had the opportunity to present their project to family and friends.  There was an overwhelming turn out of families and the students enjoyed presenting to everyone and receiving positive feedback on how well they presented their projects. It was a very educational evening for everyone. 


Thank you to all the parents who came to support us.  Thank you also to the teachers for setting up this project and giving us the opportunity to present to our families. 


House Athletics

Students from Grades 3 to 6 participated in the House athletics at Boardman Reserve last Friday 11th March. The winner on the day was Blue House. The successful students that will go on to represent Goonawarra at the Sunbury District Athletic Carnival will be announced next week. All competitors had a fantastic day last Friday. Thank you to all the parents who came along to help and support our students.


2015 Information





At the end of last term, 79 Grade 5/6 students with staff and parents enjoyed three days at Camp Wilkin in Anglesea. The students participated in a variety of fun and strenuous exercises. Camps are a great way to build relationships and to challenge students to attain new goals.


Here are some quotes from a few of the students –


We all had so much fun. We had lots of activities like; Bike riding, Flying Fox, Archery, Amazing Race, Low Ropes, Initiatives and Rock Climbing. They were all great fun activities. We had lots of cabins; they were nice and had a good amount of space and were tidy. There were also activity groups and they were; Sharks, Barramundi, Whales, Starfish and Stingrays, I was in Sharks. We all did every activity. There was camp staff at all the activities and some teachers too. My favourite activity was the Bike Riding because it was fun getting wet and muddy and riding with my friends. This was a fun time and a great experience at Camp Wilkin

By Jai


Camp Wilkin in Anglesea was so much fun. When we got to camp we watched a short movie about the camp and it talked about the camp having 4 respects: the environment and wildlife, ourselves, other people and the equipment. It also talked about all the features in the camp like a volleyball court, a tennis court and basketball court with a netball ring and a games-room with two air hockey tables, two pool tables, two table tennis tables and a foosball table, My favourite thing was the foosball table. On the first night we went on a night walk on the beach. Dinner the first night was pasta and dessert was ice-cream with either chocolate or strawberry, The next day breakfast was toast and cereal, lunch was chicken schnitzel rolls, dinner was a barbeque with sausages, burgers and kebabs. Breakfast the next day was the same thing as the first day, lunch was rolls and then we went home. I think it was a really good experience. By Liam


When we had free time we could play basketball, tennis, volleyball, chess, trampolines, games room and play on the playground. It was really fun. On the first night we went for a night walk along the beach. There were lots of stars out.. On Thursday night we had a competition called Goonawarra’s got talent. We had lots of acts like singing, dancing, comedy and the cup song. Ruby, Rachel and Memo came 3


rd with their dancing act, Olivia D came 2nd with her dancing and Tahlia came first with her amazing singing. Well done to everyone. Everyone had a really fun time at camp. Everyone was very tired


By Olivia.S


Our favourite activities were Climbing Wall, Archery and The Amazing Race. On the second night we had a Barbeque for dinner with burgers, chicken sticks and sausages. They were our favourite food at camp. For dessert we had mousse!!


By Xavier & William


The grade five sixes went to Camp Wilkin in Anglesea for two nights and three days. The drive on the bus took two hours. When we got there we were given an introduction about the camp and then went to our designated rooms. We were split into five groups, in which we would participate in five camp activities:

Archery and ‘The Amazing Race’ ( Where children split into two teams in which they compete against each other to get to the ‘finish line’ by following clues that lead them across two the next clue.

Flying fox (where children sit in a chair which is attached to a cable, then the chair is released and the child zooms down the cable and whacks into tyres – some kids found it scary but most thought it was very enjoyable) and low ropes (a fun obstacle course where children hang onto ropes and climb across cables without touching the ground).

Climbing Wall – a massive rock climbing wall which children climb on wearing a harness which two other children called ‘Bilayers’ held onto ropes attached to the harness. The rock wall was quite challenging but some children were able to climb all the way up.

Initiatives – various activities which required children to cooperate with each other such as fitting everyone into a small space while holding hands. The activities were challenging.

Bike Riding – All the children rode a bike through a scenic bike track beside the lake and back. There were many puddles on the track, in which many kids rode through and got very muddy!


All the activities were very exciting. We had nice food as well including spaghetti bolognaise, ice cream, bread rolls and chicken and chocolate hedgehogs. After dinner we engaged in other night activities such as a night walk on the beach and red faces (where some children preformed plays, sang and danced). Everyone enjoyed watching and performing. We were very tired when we finally got to bed at ten o’clock!


By Shaneela


Grade 5 and 6 Students Get Creative Making Early Settlers Huts

During Terms 1 and 2, Grade 5 and 6 students have been learning about Australian History. 

We have studied the Aboriginal People, their culture and their dreamtime stories, Captain Cook, the First Fleet, Convicts and early settlers. During Term 2 we will be looking at the discovery of gold and the gold rushes in Victoria.

One of the tasks has been to create a model of an early settler’s hut to show the living conditions of these people. The students did an exceptional job with these and a great deal of effort has gone into making them look very realistic.

Essendon Football Club Players visits our school


On Monday, 9th February we were very fortunate to have some players from Essendon Football Club visit our school.  This was the first day of the club’s 2015 Australia Post Community Camp. 

The players were - Jake Carlisle (Jumper No. 22) Jayden Laverde (33) Dyson Hepple (21) Nick O'Brien (10) Jackson Merret (20) Travis Colyer (32) Nick Kommer (38) Paul Chapman (3) 

Some of our students had the players walk through their classroom for a quick hello. This was followed by a professional presentation to our Grade 5/6 students on healthy eating, leadership and choosing a career path, followed by a question and answer session.  Our 5/6 students then had the chance to pick up some useful footy tips from the players, with a football clinic on the oval.